We don’t realize that those mundane routines of a family are some of the most beautiful moments you are living. See them at a new angle with our at-home private Family Session with Shaunna K.  I love family. My greatest and happiest moments were with my young children. Let me come to you and your environment to capture those tender moments. My family sessions are some of my favorite. I just tag along for a couple of hours and watch you live your life, capturing those moments that you will never want to forget.

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What to expect

We will sit down on a video call and get to know each other! I want to meet the family! I’ll send over tons of materials to ready/watch to prepare your family for the day.

Though you will officially be in a “photoshoot", it won’t feel like that. You will be going about your day (if you need ideas, let me know!) and I will be following along in the background with my big camera.

That’s right, I will come to you! No need to pack up the family and show up in a studio. I will come to your home and blend right in, capturing beautiful moments you didn’t know you were living every day with your family! 

“Shaunna had come for a visit prior to the day of the session, so the kids were relaxed and not really noticing her. I don’t know how she did it but she literally blended into the background of our family. We wanted her to come for the kids’ bedtime routine. When I looked over the pictures, I teared up. She captured moments that I have lived hundreds of times, but never picturing it to be as beautiful and precious as what I saw: reading books cuddled on the couch never looked so breathtaking! I will cherish these images forever. ”

— Sarah, a client from 2019